Our Guiding Principles

  • Affordable IT Management.  You may not be a fortune 500 company but ManageTech can provide that same IT experience, without the high consultancy and service fees.  We make sure the best technology choices are researched and made by our clients for their needs.  One hallmark at ManageTech is our adoption and growing expansion of the support offerings available to our clients.


  • No need for additional internal IT resources or liaisons.  As a ManageTech client you can expect business-building proactive guidance.  We actively search and find new and better ways to use technology to succeed.  ManageTech creates, maintains and is responsible for a client approved IT budget, with no additional charges incurred by our clients.  Managetech interacts with our client’s personnel at all levels to ensure service understanding and satisfaction, reviewing and making adjustments on a regular basis as our clients change and grow.


  • Rely on ManageTech Synergy for one-call support.  Most firms purchase technology from a variety of sources, each with their own support line.   Our goal is to bridge the gaps that exist between these various hardware and software vendors.  ManageTech clients call one support line and receive the expertise they need to resolve all their hardware and software issues.   In addition, ManageTech ensures experts are identified and available for custom software issues that might arise.


  • Our clients can depend on us to deliver knowledgeable leadership and the highest quality IT services.  ManageTech has broad experience creating and directing IT environments for businesses in information-rich industries.  We work with a select group of service providers that are experts, directly hosting and administrating the service they provide with all necessary accreditations. 


  • ManageTech recommendations enable our clients to be more productive and to maximize their profitability.  While IT support companies focus mostly only on the user and device support, ManageTech’s goal as a partner is to balance IT involvement for our clients.  We continuously strive to improve the overall user experience with our client’s technology, not just the help desk or support line.   


  • Confidentiality is maintained on a continual basis.  We treat all knowledge and information gained during our client relationships with the utmost privacy.  All documents are firewall encrypted and password secured, limiting personnel that can gain access to them.