William Caso Financial Services

I am a CPA who has a lot of sensitive client data on my computer and I also am required to follow specific regulations.  I did not feel particularly comfortable setting all this up on my own, nor the expertise to be assured my computer are secure and running at an optimal level.  


I engaged Scott Rak to take a look at my system. He not only encrypted the hard drive but also researched everything to make sure I was following all the various government regulatory requirements regarding data security.  As part of ManageTech’s service my PC is proactively maintained with the latest Microsoft Windows patches and updates, while being monitored for any issues and errors.


Scott Rak’s service included a very sophisticated anti-virus system and remote backup software.  During the process of applying ManageTech’s anti-virus application, a virus was discovered in the PC’s registry that previously wasn’t recognized by my prior anti-virus software. While it was “quarantined” initially, Scott would not rest until it was completely removed. This took several attempts working closely with Symantec to remove the virus. There is no way I could match the attention and persistence of Scott to make sure the computer was completely cleaned.


Scott’s involvement is dependable and having ManageTech as my “IT department” allows me to focus on my business at a very reasonable monthly cost.