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Why do you need Encryption software?  Why should I select to use two-factor security or other new security technology, like token-based transactions & biometrics?  It seems to make everything more difficult with no real difference. 


IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.  Cyber weapons that can bypass usual password protections and basic network defenses are easily available to anyone.  Cyber security should not be seen anymore as an expense but as a necessary function of doing business.  It is a requirement for all financial firms by the SEC and for companies that sell items online.  If you have any digital presents at all, especially companies that DON'T sell items on the web, if you have not invested in cyber security, it's time to WAKE UP!


Choosing the best tool to complete a task is always wise.  Protecting and managing your computers or network is no different.  Having the right security is fundamental to doing protecting yourself or doing business right.  Security technology like VPNs, firewalls and network traffic monitoring are vital to effectively defend an IT environment.  Remember, without basic anti-virus protection, it is the equivalent of leaving the front door to your house open overnight.  And if you don’t have the right security on all your devices it’s as if you left a window open to your office that a thief can then use to access every room in your house.

Using the correct security tools and knowing the differences between them is the only way to identify and resolve all your antivirus vulnerabilities. Want proof:


While bringing a new ManageTech client under our standard service, we detected a malicious threat that the client’s original antivirus software could not.  This undiagnosed and potentially harmful malware/virus infection (Powlik) was affecting the client’s environment in multiple ways, causing crashes and added a risk that a breach could occur to some financial data.  With the assistance of Symantec's enterprise support team, we completely removed the danger, made other adjustments to further other software configurations to further protect against this infection ever happening again, all while keeping downtime very minimal.  At no point was the client in danger of losing any PC information because our standard offsite managed backup service ensured the safety of the client’s computer files. 


To be ready with the right security tools and to properly protect our clients, flexibility is a must.  ManageTech has the ability implement new security measures on-demand.  A good example would be the actions we took for our clients after a different incident occurred.  Using ManageTech security tools for another client, we resolved an attempted email hacking breach and bank fraud.  As a result, additional password protections and other countermeasures were deployed automatically, that same day, to current PCs and for new computers going forward.



Please contact Scott Rak at ManageTech Synergy for a more detailed understanding of the protection and support service we provide.    


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