ManageTech Press Releases

11/24/2014     Insured by Hanover Insurance Group


ManageTech Synergy would like to announce that we have purchased liability and E&O covereage through Hannver Insurance Group


If you would like more information about our policy, please contact us or click HERE for more information about the Hanover Insurance Group




11/23/2014     New Support Desk and NOC services from Continuum


ManageTech Synergy would like to introduce Continuum, our new Support Desk and NOC services provider.  Continuum delivers responsive and seamless customer service around the clock at a low fixed cost. Our NOC is supported by 400+ technical experts, 24/7. Our Service Desk is an extension of the ManageTech Synergy team, giving our clients enterprise-level customer service.


If you would like more information about Continuum, please click HERE




11/18/2014     New Partnership & Offering with Carbonite


Carbonite & ManageTech Synergy have partnered to combine quality backup services at an affordible price.  For more information regarding the offering we now have, please click HERE

You can also click on the Carbonite logo below for further information regarding the backup services they can provide.




8/22/14          Business Article In Danbury NewsTimes


Scott Rak, managing director for ManageTech Synergy,, LLC. was interviewed for an article posted in the Danbury NewsTimes.  

You can read the article by clicking HERE:




7/15/2014     New Residential Service Offering


ManageTech Synergy would like to introduce a new residential help desk and troubleshooting service for personal computers, mobile and other entertainment devices, called RC-MED Services. The service allows us to help assistance our clients both remote and onsite.  In addition, we offer our clients a gold plan for your long-term technology needs.


Please click here to learn more about how we can assist you with your home technology needs.





1/1/2013     ManageTech Synergy, LLC. Grand Opening and Website Release


On Monday, June 18th ManageTech Synergy will celebrate the release of its new website and grand opening. We cordially invite you all to visit us at
to learn more about what we do and how we can empower your business to growth


ManageTech Synergy, LLC would like to thank everyone for stopping by our website. We greatly appreciate your time and value any opinions. If you would like to share them with us directly, please contact us.





12/1/2012     Formation of ManageTech Synergy, LLC.


Scott Rak, former Director of Systems and Software at HRCP (a subsiderary of the McKinsey & Company) has announced the formation of ManageTech Synergy, LLC., a premier US-based IT management firm. ManageTech's mission is to provide effective IT leadership, managing the
role of technology for our clients and providing the services they need to succeed.


ManageTech Synergy combines management talent, IT experience and best-of-breed service providers to be a complete IT partner and trusted adviser for small to mid-size companies.