Residential and Sole Proprietorship Technology Services

We would like to introduce our new Residential and Corporate help desk services for PCs, Mobile and Entertainment Devices, (RC-MED Services).  


We offer a Gold plan for Sole Proprioritorships and people that would like ongoing assistance and to be protected while living a technologically-enriched lifestyle.  We can normally fix and troubleshoot your PC issues with call-based assistance using remote access and have the option for onsite services when a customer has a larger request, a more severe issue or if you need a helping hand. We can add additional software and sercurity measures, INCLUDING ENCRYPTION, when necessary.

Managing director, Scott Rak, has over 15 years of experience doing help desk support, troubleshooting and solving break-fix issues on a variety of devices, website development and managing corporate network operations.  If you would like more detail regarding our experience & website development PLEASE CLICK HERE.


We understand most modern families cannot run smoothly without technology. So we would like to assist with all of you and your family’s personal electronic device needs; from purchasing, to installing and troubleshooting your devices.  


Gold Plan

For all Personal Computers, Mobil and Entertainment Devices:

  • Continuum Support Desk and Remote Management Monitoring Platform
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • Carbonite Backup Solution with support FOR ONE FULL YEAR *
  • Diagnosis and repair issues
  • Support or Training Needs
  • Advise and research any technical questions
  • Provide general information

 Cost: $125 monthly per PC which includes 5 hours of remote support.  On-site services are reduced to $50 per hour.

 *There is a $50 one-time setup fee for Carbonite Basic Plan With Unlimited Storage

Onsite Services

All Personal Computers, Mobil and Entertainment Devices: 

  • Break/fix and troubleshooting
  • Installation and setup
  • Provide general information

 Cost: $75 per hour.



Call-in and Remote Services

All Personal Computers, Mobil and Entertainment Devices: 

  • Diagnosis and repair
    all issues remotely ** 
  • Support Issues
  • Advise and answer any technical questions
  • Provide general information


Cost: $35 per hour.

All prices are subject to applicable taxes.


** Remote access to a device only available for computers


We Do Accept Most Major Credit Cards:

Accept credit cards with QuickBooks Payments

Additional Details can be found by clicking here:

Please contact us at 203-740-1861 to identify what troubles you are experiencing with the devices you own and how our service can further assist you. 


We look forward to hearing from you!