2013 Synergy Newsletter


How to Float-On-Up to the Right ‘Cloud’ That Will Help Me

Let’s make sure to first understand what a ‘Cloud’ is, even identify one you might already know. A ‘Cloud’ or Cloud service offers its customers a hosted set of internet services, typically with PC-like functionality in a multi-user secure setting. Important functionality being offered as cloud services include:


  • Backup and file storage
  • PC and Server full virtual computer instances
  • Synchronization of apps, programs and devices
  • Supercomputing and database processing applications
  • Access multiple applications through one portal
  • Integrated portal and local PC application solution
  • VPN solutions
  • Etc.. – new cloud services are created all the time


One common element to all cloud services is the ability to access them through a web browser. Some work with a PC program or IOS app to make it easier to use or give special
functionality to its customers.


Anyone who owns an Apple product has probably heard about ICloud. You must configure this service when setting up a new Apple device or updating a device to the latest IOS. Your Apple account uses this service for device backup, for device storage and for synchronization all your Apple device apps. ICloud can be accessed through the device directly, a web browser or a PC application.


Now the juicy part, what cloud services do I want or need? Most Cloud services out there are comprehensive solutions that IT managers and administrators use for their entire organization.


For individual professionals that need IM, web presentation and desktop sharing features, along with Exchange email service and access to all Microsoft Office capabilities remotely, you may want to check out Microsoft Office 365.  This service is now available through the Iphone with additional app functionality. Here is an article that describes the new service:




Rackspace is another interesting cloud provider. The Rackspace cloud both is very cost
effective and powerful. Pricing can be done on a per hour basis. Rackspace has a unique set of applications and functions in their cloud solution, such as online storage, hosted Microsoft Exchange email, disaster recovery and other infrastructure services. In addition, their support is great and they give you extended functionality in the portal for free.