IT Management Service


Our Management Product ensures success through a comprehensive set of processes.


ManageTech strives to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with our service from day one.  Setup procedures performed by ManageTech for a new client are extensive, designed to make sure we effectively manage all aspects of our client’s IT environment during the setup process and beyond.  ManageTech believes early and regular communication with client personnel of key events and milestones is critical, to avoid surprises and assure employee acceptance. 


ManageTech creates an IT knowledge base for our clients, centralizing all relevant technology information for effective and consistent support.  On-boarding steps are performed by ManageTech personnel, such as a comprehensive review of all network, server and user computer configurations.  Client software training material is created, while management of the client’s software license is established with the manufacturer.


On a monthly basis, ManageTech Synergy tracks and maintains for our client's an IT strategy, an approved IT budget and a review of all support cases.  ManageTech clients receive quarterly recommendations on how to improve productivity through current and new technology.  We investigate possible sales on the Internet, integration with storefront sales and inventory systems.  Also, we ask our clients to rate us on the delivery of our services to ensure success.


Spare Computers and Disastery Recovery Are Available

We offer a PC spares program where 3 computers are maintained at our location (can be specific computer brands on request).  The spare PC is delivered to a client location when needed, with restored user's files and operating system profile pre-installed.  In addition, a spare computer can be dispatched to replace a faulty computer within 24 hours, setup prior to delivery.


We also offer a Server Disastery Recovery service where power and internet can be dispatched to a client location.